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Our Mission:

At Horizon CPA, our mission is to provide a top notch innovative service in an easy to understand language designed to MAXIMIZE YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

We constantly challenge the conventional way of thinking to achieve the best results for our clients in an efficient manner.   

Horizon maintains an open door policy and around the clock availability regardless of our office hours. Call, text or email us anytime and we'll get back to you right away. We pride ourselves on transparency, availability and answering your tough tax questions in a timely manner.

Come in and see how we can make a difference in your business!


  • I'm starting a business

  • I'm an employee looking to become a contractor

  • I'm a farmer and want to know the tax advantages available to me

  • I'm looking to pass my business to my children without tax consequences

  • I want to incorporate my proprietorship or partnership business

  • I need tax advice with RRSP's, TFSA's, CPP, OAS, AgriInvest, AgriStability or other programs

  • I want someone to take care of all my accounting and tax needs for me

  • I need to file corporate taxes

  • I need to file personal taxes

  • I need help with an estate or trust

  • I need certified financial statements for a bank loan

  • I need help with bookkeeping, GST and payroll

  • I'm looking to buy or sell a business

  • I need a valuation of my business or assets

  • I'm looking for general financial and business advice

  • I'm looking at selling my house, vacation property or land and worry about capital gains

  • I'm in trouble with the CRA and need help

  • I'm looking for concrete audit defense strategies 

  • Complete accounting solutions - We offer a full package for your accounting needs in conglomeration with our fixed monthly fees. This offer is designed for contractors and small businesses who want the benefits of a corporation but the ease of an employee by not having to deal with the complexities of running a corporation.      

  • Fixed monthly fees or predetermined quotes - We are unique in the fact that we offer fixed quotes for clients and fixed monthly fees for those that qualify for our complete accounting solutions program.

  • Custom bookkeeping templates - We have built our own bookkeeping software embedded in excel which we will customize for our small business and small farm clients. This solution is perfect for those clients looking to get away from paper or looking to avoid the high cost and complexity of mainstream accounting softwares. 

  • Farm specialization services - We understand what it takes to run a farm and we've been able to apply that knowledge to the complexities of the tax system which allows for a number of unique exemptions, programs and tax treatments which are not available to other businesses.

  • Incorporation services - We offer a full incorporation package in conglomeration with a local registries office. One of the biggest mistakes clients can make is not starting a company off right thereby creating accounting problems or limiting tax opportunities down the road. We'll make sure your company is set up correctly and with a tax efficient share structure that will allow for future growth and income splitting opportunities. 

  • Online Signing & Data Transfer - We have clients who live all over Alberta as well as a handful of out of province and remote working clients. As such we offer the option to have our services completely online with the ability for quick and easy document signing and data transfer (at no additional costs) so long as you have a computer with internet or service with a smart phone. No matter where you are, we'll make sure you never miss a filing deadline.  

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